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Stephanie Unaeze is a self taught Nigerian female artist, illustrator and art director that credits her unique style to her versatile upbringing. Having moved around frequently in her formative  years, exposed her to a variety of influences that have shaped her  current aesthetic.


She sees her art as an outward expression of her inner diversity, citing her inspirations from a multitude of sources including music, books, culture,  fashion and design. As an artist she cuts across a number of mediums including acrylic on canvas, watercolor, and photography. She is able to express herself and the different aspects of her creative vision with various textures, looks and moods.


Her pieces are vibrant, whimsical and quirky. With her stylized characters, illustrations and colorful canvas pieces that are somewhere between pop art, illustration and surrealism, she gives her work that unique visual aesthetic she has come to be known for.



All Black Everything – February 2017

365 Marcus Garvey Blvd.

New York


N.B.A Event – February 2017


New York


October Rain (The Society of Nigerian Artists )- October 2015

Nike Art Gallery



New Frames (The Society of Nigerian Artists)- October 2015

Hotel Presidential




Best Emerging Artist

Bell Africana Awards

March 2017